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Mission Statement

Integrated Design Group has an enduring set of values that binds the firm together and is central to our vision. It is our belief that exceptional architecture comes from the search for solutions that respond to the particular circumstances of each individual project. It guides our efforts to clarify often very complex programs through the clear expression of architectural elements, which are expressed through detail, texture, materials, and light.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the quality of our lives and the quality of our surroundings. This guiding principle produces projects that are sensitive to the culture and climate, creating healthy built environments, enriching and improving the daily lives of people.

Integrating the practice of architecture and interior design is a collaborative effort. Only by working as a team, with clients, builders, consultants and occupants, can we achieve high standards and deliver real value. We do not believe that any one style is appropriate to every project… we do believe that there is a need for people to connect and to flourish in the spaces where they live and work.

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